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Ann BarkerAs a memorial to former President Ann Barker, and through her generous bequest to the organization, past issues of Iowa Bird Life have been digitized and presented here for your enjoyment and research.

Ann was one of our favorite people and served the organization well in many capacities. For those who never had the pleasure of being infected with her enthusiastic personality, or for those who just want to take a moment and remember it, we encourage you to read this "Meet An Iowa Birder" article about her written shortly before illness took her from our midst.

There are two ways to use the library.  To find a particular issue, all are presented below.  Click on the range of years and then the issue and it will open in a new window for reading or printing.  To search for a particular subject or author, go to the search page.  The most recent two years of IBL are available to IOU members only by logging in and going to Member Services.  As a year is completed, a new volume will be available in the public domain.

The journals are archived in pdf format.  If you do not have the most current, free Adobe Acrobat Reader, you can download it here.

Please note that these full issues are fairly large and require a broadband connection for reasonably fast download. In the future we hope to have a friendlier version for dial-up users.